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one stop customs clearance  for import and export

  • Savan Logistics Co.,LTD handles all aspects of customs clearance, ware housing and onward delivery, for businesses importing into and out of the Laos PDR. A gateway facility for shipment throughout the Savan Logistics advise on import and export strategies, handle paperwork and payments for individual and consolidated shipments, clear goods through customs, and collect and deliver them to their destination.
  • We’re a neutral customs broker and gateway clearance service provider. We focus on fast and accurate service. Our service helps your business remain compliant and your consignments reach their destination in the best time

asycuda (automated system for customs data)

  • ASYCUDA is a computerized customs management system which covers most foreign trade procedures. The system handles manifests and customs declarations, accounting procedures, transit and suspense procedures. ASYCUDA generates trade data that can be used for statistical economic analysis.
  • This procedure is generally applicable for all types of goods imported into Laos for domestic consumption under the IM4 Customs regime.
  • Different types of goods may require different supporting documents to be presented to Customs together with a declaration.
  • Customs declarations via the ASYCUDA system have now become faster and more effective, with errors or delays in the system improved through coordination between central and local levels.

tax payment by smart-tax system

  • Smart Tax is a card, designed to pay taxes through our banking system in order to replace cash and cheque. The card with the modern chip technology will ensure your security while making your tax payment. However, the card cannot be used to withdraw cash or other purposes.


  • Save time and reduce cash transactions of tax payments.
  • Ensure fairness, transparency, quick services, and checkable transactions and even move forward to the modern future.

seza authority (savan-seno special economic zone authority)

The One Stop Service Center will provide all necessary services for the convenience of investors such as providing and issuing business registration and licensing service, arranging customs service, and immigration service etc. Moreover, the center will provide cooperative service between developer/investor with government organizations. The related organizations which can take part in the SASEZ comprise the following:

Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZA) is the core organization which will provide and organize related services of Special Economic Zone in One Stop Service Center. The following services shall be provided by SEZA:

  • Issuance of factory or building construction license or permit
  • Issuance of business registration and licensing
  • Issuance of import/export license for Export Processing Zone (EPZ)
  • Issuance of right of using the land
  • Issuance of the work permits of foreign experts, and their relatives
  • Investment consultation for developers and investors for SASEZ
  • Coordinating Service between developers/investors with government organizations e.g. Ministry of Industrial and Handicraft, DDFI, and so on.

lao agriculture quarantine & inspection service and food & drug inspection service

Lao Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Service

  • Provide the service of checking the quality and condition of plantation import & export in and out the country.

Food & Drug Inspection Service

The primary objective of The National Food Safety Policy is to protect and promote better health for the people of Lao PDR by ensuring that people consume safe, hygienic and nutritious food which would reduce morbidity and mortality due to food borne illness and promote safe food production and international and domestic trade in safe food

  • Provide the service of checking food and drugs allowed in & out the country.

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